Sunday, July 22, 2012

"November 2005" Layout

Well as you can see I am still going through some old paper lines. These are papers from TPC Studio's Grandma's Attic Collection. (Yea I know - way back to 2010!) :-) The photos go back even further to 2005. This happened to be my mom's last Thanksgiving here on earth and it was also one that was great! Lots of family, food and fun times. My mom loved to cook for us, especially during the holidays.
The bottom flower is handmade. I actually made it a while back but it was the perfect colors for this layout.
  1. Using a medium five petal punch, punch one flower out of light colored cardstock and another one out of a darker coordinating paper.
  2. Using a small five petal punch, punch one flower out of the same dark paper.
  3. The tiny flowers on the dark medium flower's petals were made by using one of my border punches. Flip the punch over and look at the bottom - slip the petal into the punch, line up to where you want the tiny petal to fall and punch!
  4. I then glued the two medium flowers together so that it looks like one flower.
  5. Layer the "two" flowers, off-setting the petals and add a brad.
  6. Paint the petals with your favorite stickles to add glimmer.
  7. When dry, add tiny gems to the punched flowers on the petals.
Happy Scrapping!


  1. These are beautiful!
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  2. Thanks! That's very nice of you to say :-)